Good evening Ionia community,

A huge update to the factions system is coming soon! And more changed as well!

We will be moving away from the factions plugin to a new system that is better suited for ionia. This will be a one of a kind plugin that is being developed exclusively for ionia, and will be released in the coming weeks.

With your current factions, you will have ample time to switch your claim to the new system. The factions plugin and guilds plugin will both remain on the server for a limited time in order to give players time to create a guild and have the land protected using the new system without having the factions deleted right away, to prevent unintended griefing.

Here is how guilds will work!

There will be a guildmaster in spawn, who you will buy a guild charter from. This guild charter will cost 250 gold, and you will need 4 other players to sign the guild charter in order to turn it back in to the guild master. Once you have the charter signed and turned in, the guild will be created!

You can claim land with your guild and set rally points, and also have a guild chest, as well as a guild bank. The guild chest will be used to store items, and the guild bank will be used to store gold.

You can upgrade your guild to a manor, and upgrade your manor to a fief, and finally upgrade your fief to a kingdom. These upgrades will cost both significant amounts of gold that increase after each upgrade, but will also require more members in your guild in order to upgrade each time.

Upgrades will come with a bigger land claim, as well as a bigger guild chest. reply to this post with a happy face for 50 gold ingame.

The raiding system will be based off of players utilizing lock picks, battering rams, and EMPs, and this will be expanded upon, to prevent unraidable bases. The raiding system for ionia will have more depth than other servers, and in order to avoid having a tnt cannon system of raiding, there will be more items and features developed in order to make raiding a fair and fun system that no other server has.

Lastly, the server will be moving away from a hub system soon, as the minigame servers will not be online until the server gets more traction to avoid splitting the playerbase too much. This will make it easier to update the server and overall functionality for how it currently is, since the pvp server is the only one utilized on the network.

Thanks for your attention!